Emmanuel House

About us

Emmanuel House exists to support homeless, vulnerable or isolated adults in and around Nottingham. They provide diverse and accessible services that meet basic needs and empower individuals to make positive changes in their lives.

They welcome 60-100 each weekday and 30-50 at weekends. Nearly 200 new Visitors (service users) with complex and multiple needs each year.

They serve roughly 70 hot meals a day. They rely on volunteers with up to 60 supporting our staff each week.

Volunteers are essential in providing practical help, improving the quality of what they do and in creating the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

About your role

Volunteering within Emmanuel House

There are a number of different roles you can do, such as helping in the shop, the kitchen or on reception. Emmanuel house are also keen to utilise any skills you have!

If you'd like to help out with food, they have a commercial sized kitchen in which they cook either free or very cheap meals for vulnerably housed people in Nottinghamshire. You could be washing pots, helping to serve food or cooking up a hot English breakfast. It is a really positive atmosphere and you will be fully trained and supported by their head chef! 

You could also be volunteering in their charity shop which helps raised funds and also provides free clothes for people in need. They need volunteers to help sort through clothes, stock the shop, welcome visitors/customers and manage the till. Any time volunteers can spare is great – as they always need people to help out in this area.

There is a video on their volunteering page which you can check out with some inspiring stories >  https://www.emmanuelhouse.org.uk/volunteering 


Winter shelter

The Winter Shelter runs between the winter months of November to March providing approximately 22 beds per night to rough-sleeping individuals. Individual needs are assessed at Emmanuel House where individuals, if necessary, are referred to this temporary accommodation provided in local church hall.

The shelter provides emergency shelter, acceptance, physical and emotional support, and encouragement in making positive changes in the lives of our guests including securing long term accommodation solutions. Winter Shelter operates across five different church halls and is operated by a team of coordinators, project workers and volunteers managed by Emmanuel House.


There are opportunities to volunteer every day, mostly in the mornings but not exclusively, they are happy to work with what you can offer. You will be consulted about your availability well in advance of specific dates and times. Volunteers are always in control of what they want to offer.

How to find us

Application Process

1) Click on the 'Register Your Interest' button to contact the SVC for more details

2) We will send you an application form and contact details for Emmanuel House to apply

3) Once Emmanuel House have received your application form they will get in contact with you

Other information

Emmanuel House supports Homeless people in Nottingham all year round, providing a range of services for homeless and vulnerable people including advice and support. Donations of any sort are accepted throughout the year.  Emmanuel House also has a range of volunteering opportunities.

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