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About Us

Radford Primary is a medium size, successful primary school located about a mile from the city centre and close to the University of Nottingham. We are extremely proud of our school and in particular the diverse make up of children and staff, which reflects the multi-cultural composition of the area.

About your role

Students will be able to get involved in a wide variety of activities. There will be opportunities to support different subject areas in the classroom. This would be on a regular basis i.e. one session a week (1 - 3 hours).   There are also opportunities to help with afterschool clubs. You can support exciting clubs or if you have a particular interest that children might enjoy, a new club can be started for 6 weeks.   Every Friday afternoon from about 2.15pm we have Golden Time when children can choose from a range of different activities to reward them for their good behaviour. The amount of time they get depends on how they have behaved that week. We would like students to come in and organise an activity that the children might enjoy doing. It doesn't have to be linked to the curriculum so the choices are endless!   On occasions we have one off projects where students could come in for a full day on a specific activity, sports, gardening, arts etc.   If students wanted to volunteer for half an hour on a weekly basis they could, in which case it would be to hear children read or test them on their spellings on times tables.  


Hours are dependant on the role, but Radford Primary would like volunteers to commit to at least 6 weeks at the school.

How to find us

Application Process

- Click on the below button for more information & fill in the details.

- The Student Volunteer Centre will send you the contact details for the school.

- You will then be asked to come in for an informal meeting, you will have a tour around the school and an induction and will help you find a role suitable for you within the school.

Other information

Volunteers will have supervisions as required with the deputy head teacher and Senior TAs.

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