Full time Officer Committee

The Full-Time Officer Committee is the coordinating political committee of the Union. Its members are the Full-Time Officers with standing invites to the Part-Time Officers and the Union's Senior Management Team.

To ensure that the committee's actions are transparent and accountable we have decided to upload the minutes of the committee. These will be uploaded following the meeting in which they are confirmed. We will add more minutes as further meetings take place.

31st January 2020 - 2020.01.31 FTOC Minutes

24th January 2020 - 2020.01.24 FTOC Minutes

17th January 2020 - 2020.01.17 FTOC Minutes

10th January 2020 - 2020.01.10 FTOC Minutes


6th December 2019 - 2019.12.06 FTOC Minutes

29th November 2019 - 2019.11.29 FTOC Minutes

15th November 2019 - 2019.11.15 FTOC Minutes

8th November 2019 - 2019.11.08 FTOC Minutes

1st November 2019 - 2019.11.01 FTOC Minutes

25th October 2019 - 2019.10.25 FTOC Minutes

18th October 2019 - 2019.10.18 FTOC Minutes

11th October 2019 - 2019.10.11 FTOC Minutes

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