The Green Scheme

Green Impact Student Groups aims to empower the leaders of the future to be more conscious of their decisions about the planet and its people.

It’s a framework for the development of sustainable practices in student groups and gives practical ideas of how to do this. The initiative seeks to create positive behaviour change while recognising the work of student groups in sustainability, and promote positive environmental messages to members as well as across the wider University of Nottingham community.

With your help we can create a bottom-up approach to embed sustainability into the heart of the Students’ Union, setting a precedent that it’s all of our responsibilities to act now!

Be a pioneer on issues that plague our generation. National treasure David Attenborough was delighted that more young people were watching Blue Planet II than X-Factor, so let’s make our actions speak louder than our TV show choices and take a stand on important environmental and social issues.

You can get involved as part of STARS Points or as a separate scheme to just recognise your achievements, and there are exciting incentives in the pipeline. So whatever your starting point, strive for green and gold!

Points are provided in relation to the significance of the impact of the activity on the environment, society and economy, as well as the stakeholders involved and how wide-ranging the activity is.

Find out more about the points system and the scheme itself.

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