Committee Training

Committee Training

We now offer  online sports club training, which is available on Moodle. These training modules are self-enrolling. Yourself and your committee members will need to follow the links below and complete the module / quiz by the 31st of October.

There are 3 Compulsory Training modules which have to be completed by your committee. They are as follows:

Finance:   (Treasurer)

Health and Safety:  (President)

Events:  (General Sec / 3rd Committee Position)

Each module will have its own pass rate which must be achieved. If you fail multiple attempts then you will need to book a meeting with the relevant team to go over the training.

Each committee has until the 31st of October to complete each module and pass each quiz. If you have any queries or problems with the online training then please email

This training is available to all your members. Once your committee has passed each quiz then please advertise the training to any other members who wish to help run the club.

This online training is designed to replace the physical training day. It is very important that you take the training seriously and understand each module well.

If you do not complete the modules or take steps to understand the training by the 31st of October, then your club will be disaffiliated. Training is crucial to ensuring that your society runs safely within SU guidelines.

We will be announcing further development training in due course. Keep an eye out for these as they will be really useful and exciting. We are re-writing all the training this year to give you the best tools needed to make your sports club be the best it can be!

Further training support is available below through the 2019 Club Training presentations.


Health & Safety
Overseas Trips & Tours 
Events Training
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