BUCS is the national governing body for university sport, and it runs the national sporting competition between universities and colleges throughout the UK.

It’s a huge part of sporting life at the Students’ Union and University: we have more than 120 teams from over 40 sports competing in weekly fixtures across the UK.

How does BUCS work?

Every team that takes part in the competition is awarded points for the final league positions, and these contribute to the University’s rank in the league.

So every game played is a chance to win points and gain glory – in fact, in the 2018/19 season, the University of Nottingham finished second (out of 159) in the overall BUCS table!

How can I take part?

It’s easy – join one of our student sports clubs and speak to them about BUCS.

But there’s more to being part of our sports clubs than a great competition: it’s also a fantastic way to keep fit and stay healthy, all while making new friends.

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