What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a great option for all students’ groups affiliated with your Students’ Union, it’s a great way to gather extra support and enhance the experience of your group’s members.

Sponsorship could help in many ways such as attracting new members, raising your profile, building professional relationships and enhance your career prospects, as well as the potential to raise extra income.

In the past societies have worked with sponsors in many ways, exploring how you may work together is a great way to build a relationship, we’d encourage you to do this with your sponsor.

Sponsors can offer groups a wide range of resources and groups can offer sponsors a wider range of accessibility, here’s some examples of opportunities explored in the past:

  • Funds

  • Society Clothing

  • Equipment and resources

  • Discounts

  • Events (training & site visits)

  • Competition prizes

When it comes to getting sponsorship, your creativity and being seen are key; so get creative and see what you can achieve.

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