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How to give committee members admin rights

This is for giving admin permissions to all committee members to allow them access to the group page of SU website. All committee members should have admin rights.


How to view group members

This is for viewing the members of your group and can be useful for seeing how many members you have. 


How to message group members

This is for is you need to message some or all of your group members.


How to edit your student group page

This is for updating your group's main page on the SU website. 


How to add a child page (elections page)

This is for if you need to add an elections page to your group's webpage or if you need to add another type of child page. 


How to add an event to your group's webpage

This is for if you have an event you would like to advertise on your group's webpage. 


How to edit online tickets

This is for if you would like to sell tickets online for an event. 


How to read product sales reports

This is useful for seeing when memberships to the group start and expire and checking ticket and product sales.


How to upload resources

This is for storing and sharing files with your group members. 


If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Societies and Sports Team at suonlineservices@nottingham.ac.uk 


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