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Selling Tickets, Products & Merchandise Online


All events must be approved before you can sell tickets, please CLICK HERE to complete the Event Application Form:

Selling tickets and products online is a very easy way to collect payments from your members, and it also reduces the workload for your Treasurer and helps with budgeting for your events.

To sell Tickets, Products or Merchandise on-line, please CLICK HERE (If selling tickets for an event, please ensure you have added the event to your page on the website. How to Add an Event to your page on the Website

To check who has paid for tickets, merchandise or products, you should go to your Admin Tools and check 'Sales Reports'. How to Read Product Sales Reports

If for any reason you need to refund purchasers for tickets/product/merchandise/Memberships use the REFUND REQUEST FORM 

Please contact : for further information. 


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