COVID-19 Student Group Updates

Updates for Student Groups

Updated 13/08/2020

Changes to Support from the Societies and Sports Team

We'd like to let you know that despite recent changes to the team due to the Government Job Retention Scheme, we as a department are still here to support you. Whilst we are running on reduced staff, these addresses should be your main point of contact:

Holly Roberts- Socs and Sports Manager
Robyn Macpherson- Society Development Coordinator
Meg Wilkinson- Society Development Coordinator
Antony Catt- Admin Support

You can also contact socsportadmin for general society queries, or suonlineservices if it's related to admin (e.g. memberships, election and referendum set-up, website issues).

New Committee Members

Congrats to all those who have been elected as Committee Members for 2020-21! All training, including a brand new Info Guide has now been finalised and should have been sent to you by email. If it hasn't, please ensure you fill out a Committee Details Form!

Returning to In-Person Activity

Where possible try to organise and run online activity.

We are hoping that in-person activity can continue from the 19th September 2020, however this is still dependant on the Government Guidlines. We all have a responsibility to follow the guidlines and ensure that you, your members and the wider Nottingham community are as safe as possible.

1. Please watch this video giving Health and Safety Guidance before planning any in person activity.

2. For all regular, core activity you must complete an 'In Person' Activity Form here. The Events and Societies and Sports Teams will then work with you to ensure this is safe. Filling out this form does not guarantee that your event can go ahead. No activity can take place without this form being approved by the SU.

For one off events or trips, please follow the usual process and submit an events form/trips form as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start planning activity for next year?

- Whilst in-person activity can't start until 19th September (including TryIt) you can start to think about activity after this date. Please do not commit to any activity (financially, contractually etc) until we have receieved and approved this form. More information on planning activity, can be found here.

- We strongly encourage you to continue to explore options for online engagement both before and after 19th September. Check out this guide for support on how to do this.

Will there be a Welcome Fair?

- After extensive work into researching the possibility of a Welcome Fair, we have taken the difficult decision to not run an in-person Welcome Fair this year, for reasons relating to student safety, financial risk and resource management.
- We will continue to explore options for in-person student group promotion, as well as explore how we can adapt our usual in-person initiatives to online platforms, and will update this page with any further guidance as it comes.

What about Core Funding?

Some aspects of Student Group finances are changing due to the impacts of Covid-19 and social distancing, including guidance on future spending, funding, and membership fee changes. Further guidance can be found here .

How do I run an election, or change my constitution?

If you would like to change your constitution, this must be voted on by members on the SU website. Elections should also happen online via the SU website. More information on how to successfully run AGMs, Elections, and Referendums can be found here. Please note, we are unable to complete online elections until the new website is set up in early September.

What's happening with the new website?

The new site and membership system is called SUMS and we hope to be launching in August. Student group leaders can expect to have access towards the end of August, to add content to your pages, so please start pulling together information and content that you might want on your page in advance. More info can be found here.

Can I start a new Society?

We know that many of you have some amazing ideas for new societies to join the UoNSU community, and we're excited to see them all! At the moment however, the application form for new affiliations is closed, but we will be sure to update this page when we are able to re-open it again!

Community and Wellbeing

Your Officer Team has created a Facebook group called UoN Neighbours to keep all University of Nottingham students connected. Please join the group, tell your friends about it and let the Officer Team know what kind of things you’d like to see:

Please stay safe and look after your own wellbeing. Your university Personal Tutors should be your first point of call for support, but can also contact your School Support and Wellbeing Officers via email.

This resource is worth looking at and sharing with members of your group: How to look after your mental wellbeing while staying at home.

More links supporting your wellbeing:

SU mental health and covid-19 page.
University support page.

Nottingham Nightline are running emails and instant messaging
SU Advice for issues relating to housing, money and your studies.

You can also contact SU staff Mental Health First Aiders during normal working hours by contacting

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