Societies Council

Societies Council

Due to recent Government Guidance in regards to COVID19, Societies Council is Postponed until further notice.

If you have concerns or questions please contact the SU

Updated by Tony Catt 19/03/2020

What is Societies Council?

Societies Council is the body that oversees everything to do with societies at the University of Nottingham. It meets around five times a year and is made up of all the current presidents of societies along with the Societies Executive Committee

Societies Council is a democratic body that decides on the policies that govern how societies run and discusses issues that effect societies as a whole. Groups that want to become affiliated Student Union Societies have to present their case at Council, where there affiliation is voted on.

It is compulsory for a representative from each society to attend Council meetings. This is usually the President, but a representative of the society should attend if the President is unavailable.


Societies Executive Committee Elections 2020/21

Please follow the below link to nominate and cast your vote for the 2020/21 Societies Executive Committee

Nomimate and vote

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