eXpense 365 Finance App

eXpense 365 - The Finance App

Our Students' Union here at Nottingham is one of the first in the country to invest in creating a Finance App to allow our students to digitally claim back any expenses incurred on behalf of your club/society.

Our App, eXpense 365, is designed to do two things:

  1. Allow club/society members to claim back expenses quickly and easily 
  2. Allow clubs/societies to be able to view their current balance and recent transactions 

The App can be downloaded at the following locations:

The following presentation shows how to use the App on a step by step basis.

Important information

  • For smaller transactions under £10, please group together on one claim. Each individual claim processed costs the SU £1.25 so if we repeatedly see low value claims we will have to pass the costs back on to your club/society
  • When attaching a proof of payment to your claim, please ensure that this actually shows the payment being made otherwise your Treasurer will be unable approve the payment.
  • Payments for expenses will appear in your personal bank account 3 working days after you receive a remittance.
  • Please do not use the App as a test to show someone how it works. All entries appear as live on our system. Please refer to the guidance documents and FAQs instead. 
  • Please do not submit invoices for payment through the App; these should go through the invoice payment system by emailing supurchaseinvoicequeries@nottingham.ac.uk
  • We have some more Frequently Asked Questions which you can find answers to at this link


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