Union Development Officer

James Pheasey
I’m James Pheasey, your current SU President, and I’m running to be your Union Development Officer. My year as President has given me unique insight into what the Student’s Union is doing, and where it could be developed.

The SU needs experienced leadership through this time of crisis. We need leaders with in-depth knowledge of both the SU and the University. I have this experience and will be ready, from day one, to provide this.

Alongside the crisis management of the current period my manifesto includes the following:

Develop Student-Facing Services

  • Reduce Union bureaucracy

  • Ensure that the SU website is fit-for-purpose

  • Ensure the Portland building is fit-for-purpose

  • Develop Student Support & Change Structures

  • Associated Representational Bodies

  • Student Run Services,

  • Improve Student Leader support structures

  • Develop our Governance & Democracy

  • Develop our governance to be reflective of our practice as a Union

  • Ensure that the Union’s resources are spent on its members.

  • Prioritise equity in our elections practices.

  • Please read my full manifesto for the details of these points.

    I hope you can see that I am the candidate with the experience and passion that we need in these challenging times.
    Madeleine Fox
    Facts about your SU

    To improve understanding, I want to:

  • Attend more events

  • Have weekly drop-in sessions

  • Monthly roundups of activities and expenditure

  • Payment for Part-Time Officers

  • Clear referenda

  • Decentralisation of Activities Roles

  • Openness about Mental Health

    This will be achieved through:

  • Non-consecutive exams

  • Tutors being Mental Health First Aid trained

  • Mental Health Criterion for Scrutiny Panel

  • Mental Health Committee

  • X-tinguishing fear

    To tackle safety in Lenton, we need to:

  • Turn Facebook groups like Safe Students (Notts) and Notts Safe Space, into SU-affiliated services

  • Lobby the police

  • To confront club safety:

  • Turn Mooch into a club on Saturdays

  • All affiliation and endorsement agreements include duties to fulfil the SU values

  • Extend the 'Report Harassment' section on the MyNottingham app to include incidents that have occurred at SU partners

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