Community Officer

Adam Huckerby
  • Setup a University of Nottingham SU Lettings agency

  • Better mental health support for students

  • Extend library opening times with an eye for 24/7

  • Release exam timetables earlier and expand welfare support throughout exams

  • Free women’s* sanitary products

  • Charlotte Alice Simmons
    I believe that there are a web of opportunities available to students and also that transparency and communication are integral to this role and will keep these at the heart of everything that I’ll do. I will:

    • Run a campaign on Student Safety, because students deserve to feel safe wherever they are.

    • Challenge the University on the changes to the Jubilee campus hopper bus, made in September, which have caused severe overcrowding during peak times.

    • Reduce the negative opinion some Nottingham residents have about students by promoting the positive things that we do for our local areas and reducing antisocial behaviour.

    • Run a housing fair to help students organise somewhere to live, including informing them about the new “Rate your Landlord” scheme. Students deserve high-quality accommodation.

    • Launch a recognition scheme for hall committees, celebrating the hard work that they do across their term of office.

    This role is one which offers up a whole web of opportunities for change. If elected, I’ll ensure both that your student experience is the best it can be and that the web of opportunities afforded to students at this institution enables growth and that every student at this university feels safe in their home.
    MattDonalds (Goodwin-Freeman)
    Community values each-and-every Student! We want Officers ACTUALLY delivering change that we can see! That's why I’ve consulted Students & Staff across UoN's Campuses to create my 5 KEY AREAS of change...

    Addressing the MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS so everyone can receive support whenever needed: 24/7/365.

    Building a totally ECO-FRIENDLY COMMUNITY with equal numbers of recycling-bins to general-waste. Chewing gum bins on lampposts and understanding our environmental impact.

    A CRIME COMMITMENT to putting CCTV Cameras on all bike-sheds and storage. Improving Lenton’s image and safety to end stigma, and supporting Students who are victims to speak-out confidentially, not hide in shame. And a drug-policy that reflects today’s society.

    An Officer striving to CONNECT CAMPUSES so Students on SB, Derby, Jubilee or even EU/International do not feel second-class or forgotten.

    NO STUDENT LEFT BEHIND expanding placement opportunities so you get a step-ahead and start paying off overshadowing debt. Plus ending Student exploitation by stopping rising travel fares.

    Making these changes to even the smallest parts of UoN will enable us to study and live in a more positive Community. That’s why I want to be OUR Community Officer, to make and build a University that supports, values and accommodates everyone!
    Sofia Thomas

    I will work to expand the existing ‘University as a Guarantor’ scheme to include non-international students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.
    Provide free sanitary products in Halls, the SU and designated buildings across other campuses, and lobby the University to expand this to all University bathrooms.
    I will lobby the University to make the process of applying for extenuating circumstances for religious reasons easier and more transparent.


    Make student areas safer by lobbying the council to install a pedestrian crossing at the junction on Lenton Boulevard and by the Three Wheatsheaves.
    Work with the council to put speed cameras on Derby Road.
    Promote Student Advice as a harassment reporting centre for sexual, racial and religious harassment and provide holistic education on micro-aggressions and harassment and the impact that issues can have on educational performance and mental well-being.


    Put defibrillators in all living out student areas.
    Lobby the University to take a more common-sense approach to drug policies, for example through the provision of drug-testing kits beyond the Students’ Union.
    Continue building on the ‘No Bags Please’ campaign to ensure effective recycling in Nottingham and promote the ‘Pack for Good’ donation scheme run by the British Heart Foundation.
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