Welcome events and activities - accept no imitations

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Many of you will be getting excited and gearing up to start University in September – despite the uncertainty caused by Covid-19.

Though we might not be able to put together our usual spectacular plans for our activities and events just yet, we’re working hard to find ways to give you the best Welcome possible, whether you’re accessing everything digitally or able to come and join in in person.

We’ll let you know as soon as we can what shape your Welcome journey will take, but in the meantime, you might see unofficial events, organisations and groups popping up on your social media feeds and asking you to join their channels or buy tickets to their events.

These aren’t official Students’ Union or University of Nottingham activities or groups, so please don’t buy anything from them. Accept no imitations and wait until we release details of our official events; that way, you’ll experience the real intro to life at the University of Nottingham – and trust us, it'll be worth it! 

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