EP1 Results

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We are happy to announce the successful candidates from our first Elections Period of the academic year 2020-21!


We've elected across a number of roles and committees in the Students' Union, and are happy to announce winners in the following elections:



  • Department of Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies): Eleanor Neale
  • Department of Modern Foreign Languages (German Studies): Lewis Wells
  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Abdullah Alkattan
  • Department of Liberal Arts: Phoebe Kowhai Barnes
  • Department of Music: Georgina Podd
  • of Classics & Archaeology (Archaeology): Samuel Charles Hugh Jenkins
  • School of Medicine (Pre-Clinical – GEM): Heather Gunn


  • Faculty of Science: Jes Sie Wong


  • PG Arts Rep (Research): Kyle Rhys Campbell
  • PG Medicine and Health Science Rep (Taught): Ifigenia Constantinou


  • Scrutiny Panel – Scrutineer: Gregory David Valeri Sinnett
  • Democratic Procedures Committee (2 posts): Adam Pink
  • Democratic Procedures Committee (2 posts): Alexander Joshua Samuel Dewfall
  • Elections Committee (2 posts): Siddharth Manickavasagam
  • Elections Committee (2 posts): Re-open Nominations


  • Lincoln Hall Chair: Cai McCormack
  • Cripps Hall Chair: Samson Simeone
  • Broadgate Park Chair: Anna Maria Wroblewska
  • Raleigh Park Chair: Sophie Carter

If you're interested in finding out about any of these roles, about our next set of elections, or anything to do with our cross-campus and democratic activities, pop an e-mail to suelections@nottingham.ac.uk to find out more!


If you're interested in running in our next set of elections, look out for a list of roles soon, and nominations open at 9am on Monday 16th November - so save the date!

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