Welfare and Wellbeing Officer

Emily Coleman

Emily Coleman

As you can imagine, my work this year has been heavily impacted by COVID-19 and this has therefore been the focus of the majority of what I have been working on. Improving the support available for our entire student body, whilst also working to improve the awareness of and accessibility to these services and support remains my number one priority and is the driving factor behind everything I do. My main objectives outlined as based upon the manifesto I was elected upon are found below.

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In Progress

Establish a Welfare and Wellbeing Council

Establish a Welfare and Wellbeing Council for Welfare Committee Members of all student groups to meet termly, with the first meeting taking place during Autumn Term 2020. With the aim to provide more continual training, create networking opportunities and provide peer support.

Assessment of support

Assess the current support available to students from both an SU and University perspective and ensure this is promoted in the most accessible way possible, with improvements made throughout the year. Run campaigns including, but not limited to, a mental health awareness week. Ensure support is as inclusive as possible, is sufficient on all satellite campuses and continues to aid students in response to COVID-19

Not started

Improve the prominence of Welfare within commercial partnerships

Improve the prominence of Welfare within commercial partnerships and social enterprises, both inside and outside Campus grounds. Ensure venues have sufficient policies regarding potential issues such as sexual assault and harassment, adaptations to ensure sufficient changes in response to COVID-19 and fair treatment of student staff as well as general health and safety.

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