Union Development Officer

Madeleine Fox

Madeleine Fox

Although this year has definitely been a tricky one, I want to ensure that the manifesto upon which I was elected is fulfilled as much as it can be. To do this, I have reframed and remodelled the areas so that they can be achieved in a more efficient way. I have already started many of the projects and completed others; for example, monthly meetings with the ARB presidents, fettering of DPC Chair’s powers and more open and transparent communications to students. I am looking forward to ensuring the success of these objectives to improve a student experience that has been crippled by COVID-19

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No objectives currently completed

This officer has not completed any objectives yet.

In Progress

Review expectations of Officers and Welcome Committee

Review the expectations of the Officers and Welcome Committee to ensure that all aren’t overworked and can achieve their full potential. This requires drawing up role profiles of each position before the roles are reelected and creating proposals for new roles

Improve accountability of all members

Improve the accountability of all members of the SU - Officers, staff, student groups and their members, all contractual and our Democratic Bodies

New strategy embedding

Embed the new strategy properly within all the work that the SU does in order to prove to students our commitment to it

Communicating what the SU actually does

Clarify to all what the SU actually does and create a better SU community

Not started

Portland Building

Make the Portland Building feel like it belongs to the students

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