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Josie Jessop

Josie Jessop

This year has undoubtedly been a really challenging year to be sports officer. I'll be the first to admit that I've been very preoccupied with supporting clubs during the pandemic as well as adapting to the ever-changing landscape around me. However, despite this, this year has enabled me to try new ways of engaging and supporting students alongside working towards my manifesto. For example, myself and other officers ran and delivered 3 different training sessions all virtually, for the first time. There have also been some other things that I have unfortunately been unable to achieve due to circumstances, but I've used the time to work on other projects, such as setting up the sport exec, a committee that represents all of sport at the university of Nottingham. My overall aim for this year is to support all students but especially sport clubs throughout the pandemic to enable them to get the most out of their university experience during a really difficult time. I'm really looking forward to seeing my objectives come to life and improving student experience that has been so heavily affected by current circumstances.

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Improve interconnectivity between sport club committees

Improve the interconnectivity between sport club committees through termly networking sessions and better role specific committee training. This will be measured through a reduction in queries directed towards CDOs by students on sport committees.

Integration of IMS

Integrate IMS into the sport programme more effectively by improving their access to sport and working closely with the IMS exec by the end of the academic year to improve the experience of student’s participating in sport more widely. This will be measured by gathering feedback from students participating in IMS and the IMS exec to reflect on whether IMS has been better integrated throughout the academic year.

Improve the handovers from club committees

Improve the Handovers completed by club committees at the end of the academic year by producing a template document for clubs to use that improves the annual transferring of club information.

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