Postgraduate Officer

Abdi Ahmed

Abdi Ahmed

During these uncertain times, with many students and researchers uncertain on what the future holds, I want to all give you the reassurance that the Students' Union is doing everything possible, to make sure your experience here is the best it can be, even with the current on-going issues with Covid-19. My ultimate goal besides from my objectives which I was elected on is to build the Postgraduate Community and make sure for both our students and researchers, they are fully sported by the Union on any issues they may have from academic, welfare, engagement and more.

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Improving Postgraduate identity

Improve Postgraduate Identity by embedding specific Postgraduate training for our Postgraduate Academic Representatives in the Education Network, Global Buddies framework and Welcome Mentors by the end of the academic year.

Exploration of further framework to represent PGT and PGR communities

Explore the need to create a further framework to represents the Postgraduate Taught and Research communities, with aims to install them into the Students’ Union or University’s' democratic structures ahead of the next academic year.

Carry out improvements to the induction process for Posgraduates

Make further improvements to the induction process for Postgraduates by implementing a working handbook guide, FAQs and videos by the end of the academic year.

Reform and reestablish the Postgraduate Students' Network

Reform and reestablish the Postgraduate Students’ Network by constitutional and governance reform along with collaborating with different groups by the end of the academic year.

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