Liberation Officer

Sam Hawkins

Sam Hawkins

The previous year has been incredibly challenging for everyone, especially for our marginalised students who are disproportionally impacted by the pandemic. The introduction of the Liberation Officer role comes at a very timely point in our Officer team to make sure that the voices of marginalised students are heard, and that their needs are not forgotten about. My agenda as your Liberation Officer have, and will always be, re-directed as a response to global events and our more local student concerns, but my base objectives for this upcoming year are shown below.

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Create and deliver Inclusion and Liberation training

To create and deliver Inclusion and Liberation Training for student group committees as part of their committee training at the start of the academic year 2020/21.

In Progress

Establish a Decolonise Network

To establish a Decolonise Network by the end of the academic year, which will aim to lobby the University to adopt a definition - and agenda - for decolonisation.

Lobby for equity in accommodation services

Lobby for equity within accommodation services by campaigning to remove or reduce costs during break periods for students without a permanent UK address, and by calling for shortterm on-campus summer accommodation, with action plans to be in place by the end of the year.

Increase representation of students from liberation backgrounds

Increase representation for students from liberation backgrounds by establishing a Black History Month-, Disability History Month- LGBT+ History Month- and International Women*’s DayStudent Planning Committee to empower and enable students to achieve a successful delivery of retrospective awareness events. This will be set up roughly two months prior to the start of each event.

Increase support for students from liberation backgrounds

Increase support for students from liberation backgrounds by meeting monthly with Liberation PartTime Officers and setting up Termly surgeries with the wider student body to ensure that I am fully informed of the views of their constituents

Not started

Lobbying for the University to provide inclusive mental health services

Lobby the University of Nottingham to provide inclusive and comprehensive mental health services. I will call for a review of its current staff training package to be implemented by the end of the academic year.

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