Community Officer

Sofia Thomas

Sofia Thomas

This year has undoubtedly been an extremely challenging year. As Community Officer, it has been more important than ever to react to the evolving situations both on and off campus. This year has demonstrated the importance of student voice and representation. Alongside representing you in a multitude of meetings with both internal and external stakeholders, I have also been extremely active in the promotion and dissemination of the Asymptomatic Testing Service and other University run initiatives. Students have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and ensuring your safety is my priority. While much of the year has been spent reacting to issues relating to COVID-19, I still firmly have my eye on my objectives, and a lot of the work has already begun to ensure that my objectives are fulfilled. My objectives are below.

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Free sanitary products

Ensure free sanitary products are available to all members within the Students’ Union and have agreed proposals in place, securing free sanitary products in University bathrooms that will be installed by July 2022.

Derby Road student safety

Improve student safety on and around Derby Road through continuing to lobby Nottingham City Council to improve road safety measures e.g., speed cameras, pedestrian crossings etc..., and extend the project to include identified key areas (e.g., the junction by the Three Wheatsheaves) by July 2021.

Improve Nottingham community cohesion

Improve community cohesion within Nottingham through awareness campaigns and education on anti-social behaviour, with a view to reduce complaints made about students to CPO’s and the Police by July 2021, based on the idea of making students feel accepted into the wider community.

Sutton Bonington housing report

Monitor and create a report on student housing in Sutton Bonington this year, to measure the effect of increased admissions (April Vet Cohort) on accommodation availability. Proposals to ensure supply doesn’t exceed demand for student housing will be included in this report, ready by July 2021.

Student voice representation

Ensure that the voice of students is represented, for example through regular meetings and talking sessions, especially with regards to on campus and off campus accommodation, this should be continuous throughout the year

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