Activities Officer

Denis Lelin

Denis Lelin

Your Activities Officer spends their time working with the SU’s societies, student-run services and student-led projects, making sure their events are inclusive and accessible. They also promote SU opportunities and help plan and deliver Welcome Week and Refreshers.

Due to the different nature of this year, besides my objectives I’d have to do additional work in regards to the ever-changing climate of this pandemic. My ultimate goal is still to to increase engagement with the union via improving accessibility and diversifying opportunities to get involved with the union. Having said that, supporting student groups through the transition to a different normal both with regards to Covid19 and the SU restructure is incredibly important for me and will definitely take most of my time.

Objectives tracker


Accessibility Statement

Work towards passing a new Union Policy outlining a clear accessibility statement to all students in Autumn Semester. This will make events more inclusive through by increasing safety and accessibility through our branding guidelines at all events.

Culturally Diverse Policy

Work towards passing a new Union Policy in Autumn Semester, identifying our union as being Culturally Diverse. This will ensure different religious and cultural events are treated equitably with regards to promotion and celebration. For example, this would include not prioritizing Christmas or Easter over the religious holidays of other groups via central communication.

In Progress

Student Group Review

Work to complete a review of current student groups with staff to identify issues that students are facing by January 2021. This feedback would go into the creation of new proposals that should improve SU systems. This should also increase support available to students by making resources specifically tailored to all types of student groups. This will be measured through seeing an increase in positive feedback (+5%) in how supported the student groups feel between the first and the final Societies (to be Activities) council.

Increase overall student understanding

Through new, student led initiatives, different engaging platforms (i.e virtual platforms) and means of communications I will increase students’ overall understanding of the Student’s Union and improve their engagement with it by June 2021. This will be measured by the overall increased involvement in student groups and number of students voting in elections increasing by 5%.

Not started

Termly Campus Uniting Events

Hold termly events, including networking opportunities and developmental events like training and drop in sessions as well as regular meetings with the ARBs’ committees to unite different university campuses throughout the year. Measure via improved qualitative feedback (positive comments) from the ARBs’ current committees in comparison to their expectations from the handover.

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