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Here to represent you

The SU Officers are a friendly bunch of students just like you. A new group is elected each year by you – the students of the University of Nottingham – and it's their job to represent you, make the changes you want to see and make sure you have the best time while you're at Nottingham. 

There are eight of them working full-time and seven working part-time here at the Union, and they're your voice when it comes to important decisions made on your behalf.

Full-time Officers

Part-time Officers


As an independent charity, the Union has a Trustee Board to oversee all of its activities, to make sure it complies with the law, is well-run, and delivering its charitable objects.

The Trustee Board is made up of up to four elected Officers, up to four student trustees, and up to four external members who are appointed based on their skills and experience.

The Trustee Board is the overall governing body of the Students' Union and is responsible for monitoring activities and to ensure that the Union is financially stable. It has a specific duty to safeguard the Union which includes considering and taking appropriate action related to any legal, financial, or reputational risks.

Our Trustee Board Members 2020-21

Madeleine Fox – Union Development Officer (Chair)

Denis Lelin - Activities Officer

Rebecca Craven – Education Officer

Sofia Thomas – Community Officer

Josie Jessop – Sports Officer

Sam Hawkins - Liberation Officer

Abdirahman Ahmed - Postgraduate Officer

Emily Coleman - Welfare and Wellbeing Officer

Charlie Gill - Student Trustees

Tsemaye Salami - Student Trustees

Michele Colenso - Lay Trustees

Carole Harvey – Lay Trustee

David Ellis – Lay Trustee

Rachel Munton – Lay Trustee

Trustee Board Minutes

You can view the minutes for the trustee boards below.

30th April 2020

14th May 2020

3rd June 2020


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