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Campaigning at UoNSU

Do you want to make change in the Students’ Union, the University or even on a National level? Then now is the time to start a campaign! Here at UoNSU we support students in running evidence based campaigns that stem from real issues effecting students. No issue is too small or too big, all we need is your passion to make change happen!

UoNSU bases campaigns on the ‘Theory of Change’ model. This results in strong campaigns that are monitored and checked throughout. From the cycle below you may be able to identify which part of the 'campaigns cycle' you’re currently in, if you have started!


Starting a Campaign Group

Firstly, make sure you are a ‘change’ campaign group. Awareness raising is important and has its place but to start an official Campaign Group you need to have a specific change in mind. This means rather than raising awareness for and issue, you’d look to solve it! Here’s some criteria we use:-

  1. Single Issue – you need a specific issue in mind, nothing vague! E.g. “We want to paint UoNSU bright yellow!” not “We want to look into colour options for UoNSU.”
  2. Time Bound – Campaign groups come together easily and disband quickly once the issue is solved. If you’re raising awareness around an issue, a society may suit you better. If you know what you want and wish to solve it in a specific time frame, you’re likely a campaign group.
  3. Change – The whole point of Campaign Groups is the specific change at the end, something tangible. This could be a small as getting a Union Policy passed at council!

If you think you fit this criteria or are unsure, fill in this form and the Campaigns Coordinator will set up a meeting.

Campaign Training

Whether you start a group or not, we want you equipped with the basics to make change! Here is the form to request a link to the online campaign training but this can also be done in person on request.

Training Request


Awareness Campaigns

If you want to raise awareness for an issue currently happening and aren’t looking to make one specific change, then you may wish to look at becoming a society. There are political and campaigning societies that exist in UoNSU so check these out first. If you are still wondering whether you are a campaign group, contact us and we will help you out! Whether you become a campaign group or just want to campaign as part of a society – we will still help your campaigns be a success, no matter which form they take!

Contact Information

You can find your campaigns coordinator in C48, Portland Building, University Park

If you only have a query, use the campaigns form or email us.

You can also keep up to date with news on Facebook.

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