Campaigning is all about making a difference – whether that’s in your Students’ Union, within the local area or even nationally. And your SU is here to support you, from pulling together your initial plans to promoting your actions.

Whatever your campaign is about, if you’re passionate about an issue that affects you and your fellow students, we’ll support you to get it up and running using the ‘Theory of Change’ model.

Starting a campaign group

If you already have an issue in mind, you can set up your campaign group. Here’s how to decide whether this is the right route to take:

Single issue

You have a specific issue in mind that you want to change. For example, ‘We want to paint UoNSU yellow!’, not ‘We want to look at colour options for UoNSU.’

Time bound

Campaign groups know what issue they want to tackle and usually plan to reach this within a certain timeframe. They also come together easily and disband quickly once the issue is solved.

If you’re raising awareness of something, a society may work better for you.


Tangible change is the whole point of a campaign group. This could be something as simple as getting a Union Policy passed at Council.

Feel like you meet these criteria? Fill in this form and the Campaigns Coordinator will set up a meeting with you.

Take a look at some of the successful campaigns we’ve helped with over the years.

Campaign training

It’s important that you’re fully prepared when it comes to campaigning for your cause. So we’ve set up an online training course.

Just fill in this form and we’ll send you the link so you can access the training. And if you want to access in-person training? No problem! Just let us know.

Awareness campaigns

You may want to raise awareness of an issue, rather than make one specific change. If that’s a case, a society may be a better choice than setting up a campaign group.

There are lots of political and campaigning societies already up and running, so make sure you check these out. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always set up your own society.

But however you choose to make change, we’re here to help make your campaigns a success, so get in touch to find out more:

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