Scrutiny Panel

What is the purpose of the Scrutiny Panel?

Student Scrutineers hold all full-time Officers to account on their remit, manifesto, and policy.

They meet roughly four times a year, assisted by two sabbatical or full-time Officers from another Students' Union to support them in understanding the expectations of Officer's work over a year, and help the scrutineers understand where Officers could be working harder.

The scrutineers receive reports written by the Officers in advance of the meetings. From this report the scrutineers create questions to ask the Officer to hold them to account for their work.  At the end of the meeting the scrutineers then rate the Officer's performance and these are published for all students to see on the UoNSU website.

Student Scrutineers 2020/21

  • Amelia Hacon
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Wensong Hu
  • Robyn Walford
  • Gregory Sinnett

Scrutiny Panel Meetings 2020/21

Meetings are held periodically throughout the year (all dates to be confirmed):

  • Thursday 3 December 2020 – 5:50pm – 7:30pm. Meeting to be conducted online via Microsoft Teams. If you wish to attend, please email
  • Thursday 11 March 2021 5:30pm - 7:30pm. Meeting to be conducted online via Microsoft Teams. If you wish to attend, please email
  • Scrutiny Panel #3 TBD

Who can attend Scrutiny Panel?

All students can attend Officer Scrutiny Meetings and ask the Officers questions after the scrutineers have finished their questions for each Officer, and will be invited to do so by the facilitator of the meeting.

Students may ask questions which cover anything appropriate to:

  • Remit - E.g. the role of an Officer, for instance Welfare Officer would be asked about Welfare related activities on campus.
  • Manifesto - E.g. asking an Officer for an update on a particular manifesto promise and progress made towards it.
  • Policy - E.g. asking an Officer for an update on work done towards a particular Student Union policy.

See Scrutiny Panel Minutes, Agendas and Reports

Testimonies from Scrutiny Panel Members

Being involved in the Scrutiny Panel is an all-round great experience. You get to work with people you might not usually meet, and get to discuss with the officers the work they’re doing. This opportunity really helps to develop your communication skills, knowledge of the roles of the officers, the goings on in the SU, and about the university. - Thomas Townsend, Year 2, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
I have transitioned from knowing next to nothing about what the SU Officers actually do and how the SU operated to being quite clued up on what's happening. It is reassuring to hear first hand from the Officers about all of the good work they are doing to make the University a better place for students. I have also improved my analytical skills and my ability to come to a joint decision as part of a team. - Paul Goddard, Year 3, Mathematics
I believe that the scrutiny panel is very important to the SU because the officers feel that they have more pressure to accomplish their goals and their objectives, as we are constantly asking them for the progress of their objectives and we demand to see results. - Evangelia Aphami, Year 2, Economics
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