Elections Committee

What is the purpose of the Elections Committee?

The Elections Committee are made up of seven elected students, one full-time Officer and one part-time Officer. The Committee exist to make sure that all Students Union cross-campus elections and referenda are run in an open, fair and transparent way.

The Committee's main tasks each year are setting budgets for campaigns, and reviewing grievances or complaints submitted against individual campaigners or campaign teams. They are responsible for reviewing campaign guidelines and principles which campaigners and campaign teams are expected to uphold.

Elections Commitee Members 2020-21

  • Fariz Imtiaz
  • Thomas Lagan
  • George Sullivan
  • Jessica Vassena
  • Ritika Gupta
  • Siddharth Manickavasagam
  • Student place TBD by EP2.5 by-election
  • Abdi Ahmed
  • 1 PTO position TBD

Elections Committee Meetings 2020-21

The Elections Committee will meet a minimum of twice during the autumn term, usually two to four times during the spring term and a minimum of once during the summer term to correspond with major election periods which happen throughout the academic year which is when the committee are their busiest.

Who can attend the Elections Committee?

Elections Committee meetings are typically only attended by the members of the Committee due to the nature of most meetings consisting of reviewing grievances submitted against ongoing campaigns and current campaigners.

The Committee may choose to invite the individual who submitted the grievance or the individual against whom the grievance has been submitted to respond to help the committee make a decision on the grievance. However, only the committee members will be present when a decision is made on a grievance.

The Elections Committee have been elected or appointed to hold decision making power on campaigning and election guidelines as well as enact penalisation of candidates or individuals in any way they deem essential to upholding an election and referendum process which is open, fair and transparent.

Because of the decision making power that the committee holds on certain areas including campaigning guidelines students may wish to put something onto the agenda for the next meeting of the committee to explore, discuss and consider.

If you wish to do this please contact a member of the Representation Development Team for assistance in doing this.

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