NUS Conference 2020

NUS National Conference 2020

In December 2019, we ran our cross-campus elections for your NUS Delegates - the students who represent you at the NUS National Conference in March 2020.
This year's NUS National Conference will now be taking place digitally, on Monday 31st March and Tuesday 1st April.

Policies for this conference can be found through this link. If you're interested in any of these policies, or anything to do with the NUS Conference, please either get in touch with to speak to James Pheasey, the head of the NUS Delegation for UoNSU, or with so we can forward your queries to the delegation.

The successfully elected NUS Delegates from UoNSU are:

Denis Lelin

Amelia Hacon

Bilal Abbasakoor

Bhumika Negandhi

Abdi Ahmed

Beatrice Garbin

Georgina Pittman

Cassie Ulrich

Samuel Boath

The Students' Union President, James Pheasey, is also a part of the delegation, as he is automatically included in this by the NUS, and is the lead for the delegation.

What is the NUS National Conference?

The NUS hold several conferences, but the biggest is the National Conference.  Made up of students from Students' Unions across the country, these conferences are the place lively where members of the NUS can shape student policy on a national scale, and contribute to great change.

Each Students’ Union that is a member of the NUS, and are given a certain number of delegates to attend, speak and vote at conferences - our delegate entitlement.

As well as taking part in discussions and decisions about policy and campaigns, delegates will be voting in the elections that run in the NUS National Conference: these are for the National President of the NUS, the two Education Vice-Presidents of the NUS.  They also elect the National Scrutiny Council positions - volunteers who hold the full time officers of the NUS to account - and the Democratic Proceedures Committee of the NUS.


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