Election Grievances and Conduct

Any full member of the Students' Union can submit an elections grievance, if they belive a candidates behaviour during an election is in breach of the Students' Union Elections Guiding Principles.  Our original, up to date Guidance Document is available here: Elections Guiding Principles Guidance Document 2019-2020 

A copy of these principles is below for quick reference:

All candidates are expected to comply with the following guiding principles:

1. Candidates must treat other candidates, students and members of the public with respect.

2. Candidates must respect the campus environment and the community.

3. Candidates will not act in such a way to bring the election process, the Union or the

University into disrepute.

4. Candidates’ campaigns should be fully transparent and accountable to the Union.

5. Candidates must not do anything to gain unfair advantage, which would not be available to other candidates.

6. Candidates must not undermine the fair and democratic running of elections.

7. Candidates must not make unsubstantiated claims against another candidate or person.

The following guiding principles also apply to the Student Leader Elections:

1. Candidates must not seek sponsorship for this election

2. Candidates must not use electronic devices when door knocking (both in Halls and the community) or in Hall dining areas.

The following guiding principles also apply to the Referendum only:

1. Where a referendum question is connected to the mandate of an elected individual or is inherently political, the elected individual may use social media and limited contacts that only they have access to, but must be transparent that their stance is not exclusive to the membership they represent.

How to submit a grievance

Grievances will only be accepted using the official grievance form.  Please send all completed forms to

Important Deadlines

The deadline for grievances is 1 hour after the close of voting.  No grievances will be accepted after this time.

The deadline for the Cross-Campus Elections and Referenda Code of Conduct is the opening of the voting period.  Any late, or non-submissions will be discussed by Elections Committee and the Returning Officer.  Please send all completed forms to

What happens next?

Grievance forms will be considered by our Elections Committee.  Elections Commitee are a group of elected students and Students' Union Officers who oversee the fair and democratic running of elections.  They will make a decision whether to accept (uphold) or reject your grievance, and you will be notified of this in writing.

What information should a grievance contain?

To help Elections Committee consider your grievance, please make sure that it is factual and contains clear evidence about your complaint.  Any grievances comprising of hearsay, or activity that does not directly affect you, are unlikely to be sucessful.  We have prepared an example of a grievance that would be upheld for information.

What if I have a complaint that isn't classed as a grievance?

You might find you have an issue with a candidate or their campaigns team that doesn't fall under the Guiding Principles. It's important to consider all your avenues if you feel you have been harassed, bullied, or treated inappropriately during an elections period or cross-campus ballot such as a referendum.  

From March 2020 onwards, cross-campus elections candidates, and referenda co-ordinating committees will be asked to sign the Cross-Campus Elections and Referenda Code of Conduct Guidance Document.

This is designed to protect the well being of students, and fair running of our democratic events. Breaches of this code of conduct, which is designed to work alongside our Guiding Principles, can also be considered by the Elections Committee and the Returning Officer.

We also recommend getting in touch with the University or the Students' Union if you have experienced conduct in an election or referenda that constitutes harassment, bullying, or a hate crime.

If you would prefer to talk to someone about your experience, you can directly e-mail either to get in touch with the SUAdvice team, or to talk to the University of Nottingham Campus Life Team.

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