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Over the course of the year we get a whole host of different projects and policy changes come through our doors. Some are picked up by the Education Officer and Postgraduate Officer, some are headed by the University itself and others are informed from the views of students through the course rep system. Here's a taster of the things we've been working on this year, if you want to discuss any of this please get in touch with your officers.

Our Current Projects:

Your Education Officer's Projects:

Education Officer Cassie has set her priorities and aims for the year.  She will be working on the following:

  1. Reduce the financial impact of studying at the University of Nottingham by launching a campaign against hidden course costs. Host a week of action in the autumn semester to gather insight and promote the campaign, using the findings to deliver a paper with recommendations to the University by summer 2019.

  2. Research the impact of 24 hours between exams on the welfare and academic performance of students. Presenting the findings to the University by summer 2019. Aiming to implement 24 hour breaks between exams in January 2020.

  3. With the BME Officer, research and deliver a campaign to decolonise the curriculum. Aiming to raise awareness of the exclusion of people of colour from the curriculum and the impact this has on both the BME attainment gap and the experience of POC on campus.

For more information about any of these projects, contact Cassie!

What we have already done:

Achievements from our course reps:


Ensured student representation on the EDI committee in the School of Computer Science

Introduced a buddy system in the School of English for year abroad students

Regained the ArcGIS software for second year students in the School of Geography

Ensured that Nursing students can use placement exchange for all of their placements, and consolidated taught days to reduce the travel time for students. 

Improved diversity training for staff in the Faculty of Engineering. 

Ensured that a year long coursework timetable was published for students in the Faculty of Science


Removal of public pass lists in the School of Psychology

Changed the curriculum in the Department of French to cover more contemporary topics including sports and politics

American Studies and English joint honours students were given secondary supervisor in English, allowing them to do a dissertation with up to 50% English content 

Increase in the number of computers with key software installed to reduce wait times in the Faculty of Engineering

Increased funding for placement expenses in the School of Pharmacy. Students can now recieve up to £50 to cover expenses. 

Creation of a "drop add" week in the Department of American and Canadian Studies, allowing students to trail and change modules. 

Improving Moodle

The Education Network is committed to ensuring that students have access to the best resources when and where they need them most. Following a research project last academic year into Staff's usage of Moodle it became clear that there are very few modules where resources, lecture slides/notes and podcasts are available for students.

The University is also increasingly committed to ensuring resources are available and as a result have produced a set of minimum standards which all lecturers will be required to follow.

As a result, the Education Network will be working closely with the University to ensure these minimum standards are implemented across the University as well as highlighting areas of particularly good Moodle usage.

Postgraduates who Teach/Demonstrate

After a large piece of research conducted by the Education Network it is clear that there is a large disparity in the process of becoming a postgraduate teacher/demonstrator and the support that comes with the job. Many postgraduates find the process of application to be unclear and in some cases non-existent. Others have found that where they have a job description or contract, their terms are ambiguous and results in taking on more work than they initially anticipated.

The Postgraduate officer is therefore utilising the Postgraduate course rep network to lobby individual Schools/Departments to ensure they follow all the University regulations when hiring/supporting Postgrad teachers/demonstrators. If you would like more information on this project then please get in touch by emailing us.

Do you have an idea for a project?

We would love to hear about any ideas for projects that you have. Please feel free to come see us at C48 Portland, University Park, or email us on



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