Dr Glenn Wilson presents: Whatever Turns You On: The Psychology of Sexual Fantasies

More sex takes place in our heads than our beds. Usually it is closer to our true desires, being relatively uncensored, focused and air-brushed because guilt is minimised and the co-operation of partners guaranteed. Fantasies can be investigated by anonymous self-report and confirmed by physiological measures of brain and genital response. This talk summarises the considerable scientific evidence that has amassed in recent years.
Dr Wilson describes how he and his colleagues developed the Wilson Sex Fantasy Questionnaire, now widely used in research, clinical and forensic psychology, and how it has been used to throw light on various issues, such as the typical difference between men and women in the content and meaning of their fantasy life.
This research is not just trivial and prurient. Dr Wilson looks at the question of when fantasies are normal and how to tell when they are potentially dangerous. Finally, he tells how his expert testimony was applied in a number of high-profile court cases.

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18th March, 2021

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