Meditation Mondays

Happy Not Perfect is your go-to place for everything you need to look after your mind in a fun new way. Now more than ever, having the tools to take care of your mental health has become a human priority. We know learning to meditate, or learning a new skill for that matter, can be stressful. That is why we are here. We have partnered up with scientists, expert guides, and teachers to give you the tools you need to feel happier, and more at ease with your surroundings. When our minds are clear and collected, we feel better, sleep better, and make better decisions.
Native has teamed up with Happy Not Perfect to deliver a brand new series of events, helping you to relax and unwind whilst navigating day to day life as a student.
As part of the partnership, we’re excited to be launching Meditation Mondays. Kick start your week with a mindfulness session, as you prepare yourself with some cognitive exercises aimed at focusing the mind.

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25th January, 2021

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