Being at University and making the most of your Union isn’t just about having fun – it’s also a really good opportunity to develop yourself both personally and professionally, and improve your employability.

Things like being a Course Rep, having a position of responsibility within a society or taking part in long-term volunteering are all really good ways of developing skills like teamwork, communication, leadership and time management - plus loads more!


Alumni Case Study

Tonya Edwards joined the KPMG Graduate Programme in 2011, and found getting involved with the Union made a huge impact on her employability:

  • "Whilst at Nottingham University I was the Secretary and President of the Nottingham Knights Cheerleading team. In these roles I developed key skills that are vital for success in the workplace; teamwork, networking and communication skills.
  • At KPMG I work as part of a team on a daily basis, the skills I learnt from being part of a committee are directly transferable to this working style. In my role as President I had to network within the AU to raise the profile of my club. I also had to develop communication skills to promote new ideas across my team and Executive Committee. Building confidence in these areas gives you the tools you need to liaise with clients assertively on a daily basis and also network internally to develop your career. I would encourage all students to get involved in the SU as you can build core skills for work, distinguish yourself from the crowd during the interview process and above all its great fun!"
Is there something you think your Union should be doing to help you enhance your employability?
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