Trusts & Charities

If you are struggling financially, you should contact Students' Union Advice to see if there are any sources of financial assistance you could apply for.

Trusts and Charities

There may be additional charitable funding for your education or training for which you may be eligible to apply. Most trusts and charities have very specific criteria, such as age, residency or religion, that you must meet in order to receive their help and competition can be fierce.

Once you have identified a potential trust or charity that may be able to assist you, you need to find out more information. Many have set deadlines and application procedures, so you need to establish whether you are within any deadlines and how to apply. If in doubt, the best thing to do is to write to the organisation with some brief details of your situation. If you fit their criteria, they will advise you on how to apply – often by sending you their application form. You may have to get a supporting letter from, for example, your personal tutor.

THe National Union of Students has details of potential sources of funding from trusts and charities.

Postgraduate Funding

The University’s Careers and Employability Service has useful information about postgraduate funding. 


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