Harassment & Eviction


If you're having serious problems with your landlord and they're acting in a way which you feel is unfair, what they're doing could possibly be classed as harassment. Harassment is a criminal offence and local authorities have the power to investigate these incidents. It can be defined as “acts by a landlord or an agent which are likely to interfere with the quiet enjoyment of the property by the tenant or withdrawing or withholding services.”


Landlords must usually follow a set procedure if they want to evict tenants. Whether a landlord can evict you, and how they do it, depends on what type of tenancy you have.

If your landlord evicts you, or attempts to evict you, without following the proper legal procedure, then it is likely to be an illegal eviction. In extreme cases, this could involve changing the locks and putting a tenant’s possessions out onto the street.

Like harassment, illegal eviction is a criminal offence, and local authorities have the power to investigate these incidents.

If you want further advice or information about harassment and/or eviction, please contact the Welfare Advisers at Students' Union Advice.

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