Whether you'll be living in a house or in halls this year, make sure you don't get caught out by sneaky thieves. Follow these tips to make sure your time at University is a happy (and safe) one.

  • Close and lock all the windows in your house or flat when you leave. Better to come back to a slightly stuffy room than no TV.
  • Whenever you leave your bedroom unattended, make sure you lock the door and that personal belongings are kept safe throughout.
  • If you're going upstairs, make sure your front door is locked and any downstairs windows are shut.
  • Never leave valuable items on show, especially anything that could be easily carried away like your iPod or laptop.
  • Think about leaving a light on when you go out, to give the impression that someone is in.
  • You can use a timer switch and low energy light bulbs.
  • Even if you're only in the garden, make sure your front door is locked. A burglar won't need long to sneak in and make off with your valuables.
  • Never leave your house or car keys on show and make sure they're kept well away from doors and windows. It's not unheard of for thieves to use devices to reach in through letter boxes, steal keys and simply let themselves in.
  • If you live in halls, lock your door whenever you leave your room and be wary of letting anyone you don't recognise into the building. People always assume that only students are going in and out of halls, but if someone you don't recognise does follow you in, ask to see their key.
  • Always check your doors are locked at night time. Don't assume one of your housemates has done it.

For more advice on keeping your house or flat secure, or to find out what to do if you are burgled, contact the SU Welfare Advisers at Students Union Advice or look at this NUS site.

The Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership have the lead for all community safety issues affecting students. They have a dedicated site for crime prevention advice for Nottingham students. The site contains advice on staying safe both at home and out and about, and also contains information about SmartWater.

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