Sexual Misconduct

The University's 'Policy on Identifying and handling cases of Sexual Misconduct' outlines the policy and procedure to be followed if anyone at the University believes they have experienced sexual misconduct:

Policy on identifying and handling cases of Sexual Misconduct

Any student who believes they have experienced sexual misconduct can report their issue direct to the University in the following ways:

  • On the University's 'MyNottingham' mobile app. There is also an “Inappropriate Behaviour” link on the Wellbeing tile giving students access to information. 

  • Students can also report any sexual misconduct issues via the email below - this will go to a member of the University's Campus Life team, who will respond to you:


Students who believe they have experienced sexual misconduct by a member of the University community, or students facing allegations of sexual misconduct, can also contact Students’ Union Advice, tel: 0115 846 8730 or email:

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