Hate Crime

The police will record any crime as a hate crime where the victim or any other person perceives it was motivated by hostility or prejudice towards their identity, whether it relates to disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or are transgender.

The University advises any student who experiences hate crime to report it via one of the following ways:

  • UoN Security, email them on security@nottingham.ac.uk or call 0115 951 3013 (monitored 24/7). Security staff will take an account of the incident and offer support, including assisting with a report to the Police.

  • Students' Union Advice email them on suadvice@nottingham.ac.uk or call 0115 846 8730. Students' Union Advice is a True Vision hate crime reporting centre - if you believe you have experienced hate crime, contact the service for more information.

  • True Vision Hate Crime you can report online at report-it.org.uk. This is a confidential reporting service and all reports are passed on to the Police.

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