Information for Parents of Students

SU Advice is a confidential service for members of the University of Nottingham Students' Union and, therefore, we can only speak to our students themselves. Please ask your son/daughter to contact us directly, so we can assess what advice and information they may need (whether from us, or another service).

We understand that students' parents are emotionally and often financially involved in their son/daughter’s lives - however we cannot discuss any student details with parents, guardians or family members or even confirm they have been in contact with us.

One of our service principles is to empower students. Your son/daughter has become legally responsible for their decisions and the consequences of how they live - we are here to help them through issues they may face, as adults. Our many years of experience has also shown it is in the best interests of adviser and student to have that direct contact.

If you do divulge any information to us about a student, and they are engaging with SU Advice, we will make them aware of the information you have given us.

We can provide general information to parents, for example, where students can go for welfare support or academic help and you can visit our website for information on a number of issues affecting students. 

If you would like any specific advice for yourself on any issues e.g. what liabilities you have as guarantor, student finance queries etc. there is a wide range of organisations who may be able to help you, such as Citizens AdviceShelter or Student Finance.

If you have concerns about your son/daughter’s wellbeing, you may wish to contact someone at the University, although bear in mind that under normal circumstances no information about students can be divulged to parents without the student's express permission. Please read the University's FAQs for Family and Friends for more information.

For more details about sources of wellbeing information and support, both externally and within the University, please see our 'Useful Contacts' page.

Student Minds also have useful information about supporting your son/daughter at University.

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