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Weekends Away







Many people find their favourite memories of being in Ramsoc are the weekends away. We go further afield for more exciting walking and extreme scenery, and regularly offer the chance to try out some scrambling alongside the walking. Past locations have included Snowdonia, the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, and Exmoor. Weekends usually cost roughly £60-£65, depending on where we go. This will include accommodation and transport. The weekends for this year are listed on the event calendar (linked on the left of this page!) and there will be more information about them sent out to members in emails nearer the time.

Here’s the basics of how weekends away tend to work:

Travel times

We normally travel by coach or minibus, leaving at around 17:30 on the Friday from the bus-stop just outside Mooch, on East Drive. We usually arrive back in Nottingham at around 22:00 at the latest on the Sunday, with both journeys including a break mid-route to stretch legs and grab something to eat (bring money for takeaway, or a packed dinner). 

Youth Hostel

We stay in youth hostels whilst we’re away so we can all have a warm comfy bed to come back to after walking. Bedding is always provided by the hostel so there is no need for you to bring your own, but a towel is normally needed. All hostels we go to have a drying room so any damp walking gear can dry out over night if it gets wet on the Saturday, making the Sunday's walk much more pleasant. We often try to book out the whole hostel so that noise isn't an issue and we can sing a few songs and play games on Saturday evening for entertainment. This is particularly relevant for the Summer ADM weekend when we have a party and get merry on the Saturday night!


To keep you going over a weekend away, you'll need to bring sufficient food for two breakfasts and two packed lunches, plus plenty of snacks for those sugar boosts inbetween! Cooking facilities, including a fridge to store things, will be available at the hostel. On Saturday night we eat in food groups, usually with 1 person cooking a two-course meal for a group of 6. Anyone’s welcome to cook for a group - it’s a great way to show off your talents, try new food and get to know people! If you are living in halls then you should be able to order a food box for the weekend - speak to your hall catering staff 3-4 days in advance. When travelling on the Friday and Sunday night, we will stop off in a town or service station for a bite to eat.


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