Special Walking Events

Special Walking Events

Here's some information about some of the special walking events that we hold annually so you can decide whether you might want to go on one and get prepared! Apart from the weekends away, Ramsoc runs several walks that have a slight twist to the normal Sunday walks. These include...

- Night Hike

- Mystery Walk

- Dark Peak Challenge (DPC)

The dates of each event can be found under the ‘2019-20 Event Calendar’ link on the left of this page. Please remember that it’s necessary to sign up for each event, same as normal walks!

Night Hike

Once a year, in the depths of winter, Ramsoc heads out to the Peak District in the dark… We start walking in the late afternoon and aim to finish so that we can drop people back home around midnight. There are limited places for this walk because of the extra responsibility placed upon the leaders due to navigating in total darkness so places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The event is different from a normal Sunday walk also in that there will be just ONE walk of about 8 miles ending in a pub, rather than having 5 different routes to choose from.

We recommend that people who come bring extra layers compared to normal to keep them warm in the night air, and a personal flask of warm juice is also a good idea if you have one. Anyone who doesn’t have their own head torch is welcome to borrow one from Ramsoc for the event.  

Mystery walk

Once a year the Ramble Secretary gets to plan a complete mystery walk, the location of which is not revealed until the coach actually arrives there! We normally leave Nottingham a bit earlier than usual on a Sunday, to allow extra travelling time to get to new and exciting places! Previous locations have included Church Stretton and Ilkley Moor.

Dark Peak Challenge (DPC)

The DPC is the ultimate challenge at the end of the Ramsoc year! It offers the choice of doing either a 24 or 37 mile hike around the Peak District. The route begins at Ladybower Reservoir, and ends at either Fairholmes (24 mile version) or Hathersage (37 mile version). At four locations along the route there will be stations to ensure that each competitor remains fit and supplied with water and "goodies".

We start walking earlier than normal in the morning, however a fast pace is still required to complete the long route in time! If Fairholmes is not reached by 16:30 then participants will have to finish there due to safety and time restraints. Participants may decide to stop at this 24 mile point even if they get there before 16:30. Equally, groups initially down for the short route may, upon reaching Fairholmes within the time limit, decide to complete the longer route.

If you don't want to enter but would still like to get involved, volunteers are needed to sweep the final part of the long walk (don't worry, it won't be too far!). You will not have to pay to do this, but will still get a good long day out in the hills and the chance to cheer your fellow ramblers!

Here’s the route:

Grid references and marshalling stations-

  1. START: Ladybower Dam (201854)
  2. GRID REF: Win Hill (186851)
  3. GRID REF: Lose Hill (153853)
  4. STATION 1: Mam Nick (125834)
  5. GRID REF: Edale Cross (path junction) (080861)
  6. GRID REF: Snake Path (path junction) (064901)
  7. STATION 2: Snake Inn (footbridge) (108913)
  8. GRID REF: Alport Castles (path junction) (145911)
  9. STATION 3: Fairholmes Car Park (172893) - end of short walk
  10. GRID REF: Back Tor (197909)
  11. STATION 4: Moscar (path meets A57) (230878)
  12. GRID REF: Cowper Stones (251830)
  13. FINISH: Hathersage (car park) (231814)

Water is available for participants at the marshall stations (those listed above as STATION).

Map of DPC routes:

If you have any questions about any of the special walking events, please email publicity@ramsoc.co.uk


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