The Committee

The Committee

The club runs thanks to a dedicated and friendly bunch of fellow walkers, who volunteer their time to make the club run nice and smooth. The committee year runs from March to March each year, and any member can put themselves forward for election in our annual AGM. Watch out for details - we will be advertising for positions in emails and on Facebook!

This year, the committee members are:

President - Peter Jackson

Overall in charge, Peter directs and works with the rest of the committee on all aspects of the club, and along with the Students' Union makes sure everything is organised and that the club is striding ahead!

Vice-President - Hayley Arthurs

Hayley is able to help out with anything, often giving a hand with the planning of bigger walking events, socials and making sure everything runs to plan. She also can be seen wielding the fabled chocolate box on the coach, providing a selection of last-minute energy top-up options!

Treasurer - Charlotte Tutton

Charlotte make sures all of our finances are in order - budgeting for our activities, collecting and paying out money, and keeping our lofty ambitions in check! She is the gatekeeper to the club funds- so we have to ask very nicely whenever we need anything!

Admin Secretary - Victoria Martin

With an impressive appreciation for the finer details, Vicky ensures everything is organised - that hostels are booked, weekends away are all organised, that the coach will pick us up and drop us off, and working avidly behind the scenes to make sure the club runs smoothly at all times.

Ramble Sec -  Samuel Knapp

Samuel plans all the walks: he chooses destinations, the routes, and the length; it's him to thank for a delightful walk, or equally to blame if those hills are just too steep! You can see the calendar link on the left tab for the full list of our weekly walk and weekend away destinations this academic year.

Safety Officer - Tom Walters

Tom keeps us all in check, making sure we're able to enjoy the wonderful outdoors whilst ensuring we're both healthy and safe along the way! He's also responsible for running our in-house training programmes, offering valuable insight into navigation and group management, and ultimately nurturing the next generation of Ramsoc walk leaders.

Social Secretary - Patrick Sharpe

Patrick plans all of the exciting events on our social calendar. Come for the walking..? Stay for the socials! The highlight of our Wednesday evenings at Uni-- check out the event calendar on the left tab for what exciting socials are in store for you this academic year.

Publicity Officer –  Eleanor Lee

For all those social media addicts, you'll be hearing from Eleanor lots! She's responsible for writing our weekly newsletter emails, running our Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot and Instagram accounts (check them out below), keeping everyone informed and striving to entice new members to the club.

It's not just committee who make the club run, however. We're indebted and always thankful to our walk leaders, first aiders, and minibus drivers - the events we run wouldn't be possible without them! Being one of these leaders takes as much or as little commitment as you're able to give. Interested in getting involved? Check out the "Training Opportunities" tab on the side, or email to find out more. - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Our blog

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