Overview and general

Q: What is Ramsoc?

A: Ramsoc is officially known as the University of Nottingham Rambling and Hiking Club. The nickname Ramsoc is an abbreviation of our former name, the Rambling Society.

Q: What do you do?

A: Rambling is defined as ‘walking in the countryside for pleasure’, which is exactly what we do. Our passion is travelling to the British countryside, walking through it and in doing so, appreciating beautiful landscapes and having a fantastic time with lovely people.

Q: What types of people join Ramsoc?

A: All sorts of people join Ramsoc! The diversity of our members is one of our big strengths and if you join, you are bound to make great friends across many years as well as friends from all over the world – our club is very popular among international students.

Our membership also varies in terms of walking experience, from those who have extensive experience on the hills to those who have never really tried hillwalking and soon grow to love it! All our members share a love for walking in the countryside so you’ll be in good company with us!

Q: How do I join Ramsoc?

A: Joining Ramsoc is easy! You can either:

·         Go to the Students’ Union reception on B Floor, Portland Building, say you wish to join Ramsoc, provide your student ID card and pay.

·         Search us on the Students’ Union website under Sports/A-Z Sports/Rambling and Hillwalking. Click ‘add to basket’ under ‘Ramsoc standard membership’ in the right hand column. Click on ‘basket’ at the top of the page and follow the instructions to pay.

Q: What events do you hold?

A: We run walks to the Peak District; a national park located approximately one hour’s drive from Nottingham every Sunday outside exam periods. These walks are interspersed with five weekends away, on which we visit other national parks further afield, such as the Lake District, North West England; Snowdonia, North Wales and the Yorkshire Dales, North East England.

See the sections on Sunday walks and weekends away for answers to more specific questions.

Q: What does it all cost?

A: Membership costs £12 for one academic year. Sunday walks are priced at £9 for members and £14 for non-members. Weekends away are priced between £60 and £65 for members and £65 and £75 for non-members.

Q: Who run the club and how can I get in touch with them?

A: Ramsoc is run by a committee of  11 students who organise, budget for, and deliver an exciting programme of events each year. The contact details of each committee member are listed below.

Peter Jackson



Charlotte Tutton



Victoria Martin

Administration Secretary


Hayley Arthurs

Vice President


Samuel Knapp

Ramble Secretary


Tom Walters

Safety Officer


Eleanor Lee

Publicity Officer


Hayley & Peter

Equipment Officer


Patrick Sharpe

Peter Jackson 

Social Secretary

Welfare Officer




If you have a general enquiry, email publicity@ramsoc.co.uk or post in the Facebook group (click to follow) and we will answer it!

How do I stay up to date?

If you buy a membership, you will receive an email each week (usually on a Sunday evening) with details of upcoming events. Join the Facebook group (link above) to link up with committee members and other members of the club. For the first month or so, you can subscribe to the mailing list and receive our emails without buying a membership, so you can test the waters before making a commitment.

How are the walks led? Do I need to know anything about navigation?

No – the walks are led by a team of leaders who taken part in our very own leadership training programme and are well trained not only in skilfully navigating through the countryside, but looking after groups of walkers and ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience.

How safe are your walks?

Very safe! As mentioned above, our walks are led by trained, skilled leaders who work hard to make our events safe, and each group is given a bag of specialist safety equipment for this purpose.

There will also be at least one trained first aider on each walk, who will be able to administer basic (yet important!) treatment if needed. Fortunately this is not a common occurrence.

What’s the Dark Peak Marathon?

The Dark Peak Marathon (DPM) is an annual event held early in June – just after the end of summer exams – since the 1970s. It is a challenge that consists of walking 24 or 37 miles through the Peak District. Despite the name, there is no real time pressure as you have all day (starting at 7AM) to complete the course. You don’t need navigational experience to take part, but as the route isn’t led by a Ramsoc leader, you will need to be teamed up with one. We can arrange this, but in practice everyone walks around in groups anyway so it’s not really an issue at all.



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