Suggested Equipment

Recommended Equipment

We realise that you may not have brought your proper hiking gear to uni, which is why we offer walks that are suitable for people wearing jeans and trainers. This way everyone can join in! However, proper equipment will make a huge difference to your comfort and safety so if you plan on coming often, it is well worth gearing up ;)

Your membership fee helps us afford group kit, such as a first aid kit, headtorches and safety bags, but you'll also want to bring some items of your own.

When you purchase RamSoc membership, you get the discounts for several gear stores:

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- 10% discount for GOOUTDOORS, both instore and online.

- 10% off at TRESPASS

Email for the online discount codes and flyers. Furthermore, we will be distributing discount cards mid-November. If you miss out - just ask! We will get the card to you ASAP.

Here’s what we recommend you bring for a regular day walking:

  1. Waterproof jacket – in the English hills and mountains, weather can change from gorgeous to unpleasant very quickly so a good waterproof jacket will help keep you warm and dry to prevent hypothermia.
  2. Water/squash – at least 1.5 litres (2 litres for those hot summer days!)
  3. Footwear - walking boots if possible (waterproof and with ankle support). However you will still be allowed to do the lower-level walk route in sturdy trainers. Thick woollen socks or hiking socks on top of normal socks reduce the risk of blisters. 
  4. Trousers –Wear a pair of tracksuit bottoms, cotton trousers, or hiking trousers- something that you can move comfortably in, but that isn't too tight or restrictive. In hot weather, shorts are fine, but keep a spare pair of trousers in your bag. Jeans tend to be unsuitable as they don't dry out once they get wet, and become very uncomfortable!
  5. Lunch - sandwiches and the usual things. Chocolate, Haribo and other sugary foods are good sources of fast-burning energy, whilst things like brown bread, pasta, rice and couscous will keep you going for longer. Make sure you have plenty of snacks to keep you going!
  6. Warm layers and hats – it gets colder as you go higher so layers are essential even if it appears warm and sunny at the start of the walk. Several thin jumpers or layers are better than a thick one as they provide better insulation and can be put on or removed as needed.
  7. Personal medication - Ramsoc leaders carry general purpose first aid kits, but if you suffer from asthma or are likely to require any more specific medication during the day you will need to bring this yourself.
  8. Daysack - to keep all this stuff in when you’re not using it. Any rucksack will do, but ideally it should be about 25 litres. It needs to be comfortable so it won't cause you any trouble when you're walking. A rucksack with a waistbelt is a good idea, especially if you are carrying a heavy load, as it helps to spread the weight you are carrying so that you don't put too much pressure on your shoulders and spine.



And some more ideas for the more serious walker…

  1. Waterproof trousers - Waterproof outer trousers will keep the rain and mud off your clothes, keeping you cleaner, drier and warmer.
  2. Gaiters - these keep mud and water from entering your boots and are both fairly cheap and effective. They also help keep your trousers clean (less queuing for the hall washing machines!).
  3. Hot drink - If you are partial to a mug of tea, coffee, or simply hot water on the summit, a Thermos flask is always welcome in the rucksack. 
  4. Trekking pole(s) - some like them, some hate them. They are designed to take the strain off your knees, and are particularly useful for steep descents on hilly and mountainous terrain. 
  5. Waterproof mobile phone bag - They are typically around £3 and are also useful for keeping your wallet and other such valuables in. Many are even designed for touchscreen - so you can use your phone in the rain without getting it wet!
  6. Dry bags - These can keep all of your kit nice and dry, and provide an easy way to organise your rucksack. - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Our blog

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