Sunday Bus Pick-ups

Sunday Buses

The coach will always stop at each of these stops so there is no need to 'pre-book' your stop. If you are new to Ramsoc, look-out for fellow ramblers in walking gear already waiting at the stop! Please try to be on time for your pick-up as we are unable to wait for very long at each stop.


Pick-up Times:

  1. 09:00  Beeston - Taxi rank outside Tescos on Station Road
  2. 09:04  Broadgate Bus Stop - on Broadgate Road just off Salthouse Lane
  3. 09:07  Willoughby, Cavendish, Ancaster Halls - (Lenton grove bus stop)
  4. 09:09 Sports Centre Bus Stop - David Ross Sports Village
  5. 09:10  Derby Hall bus stop
  6. 09:11  Lenton Hall bus stop
  7. 09:12  Middleton Boulevard 1 - Wollaton Hall Drive Bus Stop
  8. 09:13  Middleton Boulevard 2 - Hawton Crescent Bus Stop
  9. 09:16  Jubilee Campus Bus Stop - Outside Exchange Building (same place as hopper bus)
  10. 09:18  Raleigh Park - Faraday road entrance to Raleigh Park
  11. 09:21  Lenton Boulevard - Bus stop called 'Willoughby Avenue bus stop'
  12. 09:24  Abbey Bridge bus stop – in Lenton near the White Hart Pub
  13. 09:26  University East Entrance Bus Stop - In Dunkirk where the roundabout leads to the A52
  14. 09:28  East Drive - University Park Campus


Sutton Bonnington: Unfortunately we are not able to do a pick-up from Sutton Bonnington, however the 09:00 hopper bus gets to East Drive at 09:25 so it’d be possible to meet us there for the 09:28 stop.

Map of Bus Route:

(copyright OpenStreetMap contributors)

We normally return to Nottingham at around 6pm and go around the pick-up stops again to drop people off.

We also have a chocolate box that goes around on each bus journey, selling chocolate and cakes at discount prices, so you can stock up on snacks if you need to.

If you have any questions regarding a pick-up stop, please email - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Our blog

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