The StreetLAW project is one of the most diverse projects that the Pro Bono Society offers, working alongside a range of projects and organisations to fundraise and deliver opportunities at varying levels of responsibility and commitment.   StreetLAW facilitates the recruitment process for the Personal Support Unit at Nottingham Crown Court; the unrivalled opportunity to be a PSU volunteer gives selected students the opportunity to procedurally and emotionally assist litigants-in-person going through the court process. It is a fantastic opportunity for students wishing to improve their client skills and gain a first-hand experience of the court. For the first time at the University, StreetLAW is also working alongside the inFrinGeMent Project, Citizen’s Advice and The Centre for Criminal Appeals. The latter gives ten students the unparalleled opportunity to fully investigate a miscarriage of justice case on behalf of the wrongfully convicted prisoner and draft an application to the Criminal Case Review Commission. 
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