Nottingham Entrepreneurs 2016-2017



  Build an organic, open, entrepreneurial community of that is exciting, fun and creates value.  


  Be transparent, honest, open to new ideas, continually changing and take risks. Remember the society is nothing without its members. They are always the priority. Follow principles not rules.  


  We think people are interested in our society for 3 main reasons.   1/ Hang-out with cool people who have similar interests. Chat. 2/ Learn some new skills or ideas relating to entrepreneurship. Challenge. 3/ Get specific help, advice or resources to develop an idea. Create.   It’s often a mixture of the three.   What we do // events.   We help these three groups with 4 different timescales.   Daily. Sharing interesting content across our social media. Weekly. Hosting a weekly ‘hang-out’ for members to meet in a chilled-out setting. Monthly. Holding a monthly workshop/hackathon/talk evening on a specific idea/trend. Termly. Having a few bigger, in-depth days, events and competitions.   What we reflect // events.   We also reflect and share other cool events.   Societies. Co-hosting events with other UoN societies. EnterpriseLab. We work with the UNIEI to share their opportunities with members. Nottingham. We promote and attend interesting events in the local community. National. We work with NACUE and other universities to facilitate national events.   What we do // support.   We help members take their ideas into action in 3 ways.   Hackathon. We can organise a hackathon on a member’s idea to generate new ideas. Contacts. We connect members with local businesses, funding and communities. Collaboration. We build links with CompSoc to give members access to diverse teams.   How we work // consistency.   We will achieve this through our societies organisation.   Small core. Our main team is small, flexible and shares similar values. Big external. We engage lots of other groups/ individuals for feedback on our group. Advisory Board. We create a board to hold us accountable for our work. Open-source. We give members control of the society, making it organic and energetic.   Conclusion.   We want to radically change Nottingham Entrepreneurs. It has stagnated in the last 3 years, and it needs a new dynamism and vitality. We believe the best thing about any society is the people.   As such, our new society brings these people to the heart of everything we do.
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