• Friday 30


    An update on group emails

    Training documents and email update

    All SUMS training documents are available here.

    Student Groups will now have received their first emails through to their new @UoNSU email address. This will be the email address used to communicate important information with committees from now on. Groups should have changed the password for your account but if you haven't, please do so and then share with all the Committee members so they can access it if required. You may also want to take this time to setup a redirect to your student email address.

    Student Groups are reminded to update their SU website pages so that students can see what your group is all about. You are responsible for these pages and the only way they will be updated is if you do so. A guide is in this folder to remind you how to do this.

    Events Forms and Process

    A major milestone has been met. From Monday 9 November, we will be using the 'Events and Trips' form on the website. The pre-existing Jotform for events and trips will close, with all submissions for your activity required to be submitted by the 'Events' tab that you will see on your committee dashboard. To submit an online event, under the venue section please select "Students' Union" and then "Online". Guidance for this process is in this folder.

    Submissions for online events are still needed at least two weeks in advance of the event, and any that involve a guest speaker are still required to have 3 weeks’ notice per the University process. As you are aware the Students’ Union has recently undergone a complete restructure and staff resource is now lower, therefore these timeframes are vitally important to ensure we can cover your activity. Only submit a form if this is for an activity NOT stated or covered in your master risk assessment. If you are going to be repeating this event over the coming weeks/months please state on the form that it is a re-occurring event (you only need to submit ONE form).

  • Friday 30


    An update on group emails

    Group @UONSU emails

    In our last update to you, we asked you to login to your @uonsu email addresses, which we have provided to you, along with your initial password, on a banner on your committee dashboard of your group page. One member will need to update your password and share with the rest of your Committee. Unfortunately only 10% of you have done this so we have been unable to start using these email addresses.

    If you don’t sign into this email, you will be missing out on important information in the future regarding funding, covid-updates, finance and more. This is a really important move as it will mean that we can ensure that all groups receive our communications, in comparison to our current system which relies on accurate completion of the Committee Details Form. As outlined in our previous email, you can set up auto-redirects to/from your student email if you wish to continue using this for society updates.

    The large orange banner is still available at the top of your group’s Dashboard (log in, click member dashboard, and click ‘manage’ next to your group name) but will only be available for a limited amount of time. Please ensure you follow the steps to login to your new email as a matter of urgency. If you are unable to do this, please email socsportadmin@nottingham.ac.uk and we will try to help.


    We are now able to offer online elections again! Please submit any elections requests via this form. Please give us as much notice as possible for your election so we can best manage the workload that comes with this and ensure we can provide the best service to everyone. All elections for any group you are an active (purchased) member of, will be visible for you on this page.

    At the moment, Constitution Change Votes (Referendums) isn’t something that SUMs can accommodate similar to before. Please bear with us whilst we update our processes.

  • Friday 16


    Issues and a change to group email addresses

    Here is your weekly update from the team, there’s some really important information regarding SUMS and new Covid regulations below, so please make sure you read!


    • We have noticed that there have been some issues in using the correct nominal code when creating tickets on the new side. We have attached the training to this email, which can also be found here, which explains which nominal codes you should be using. You are responsible for ensuring that this is correct, so please make sure to check this before submitting a ticket request as it determines whether or not the money will be paid into your account. We hope that this will help to empower you to be able to use this process confidently, without intervention from staff.
    • You should now all see a ‘banner’ at the top of your SU page inviting you to login and change the password of your new @uonsu email account. Please make sure that one member of your committee does this, and shares the new password with all other committee members.
    • Moving forwards, we will now be using your @uonsu group email address to contact you, not your individual student email address. This will ensure that our communications are more equitable as ALL groups will receive ALL communications, regardless of whether you have correctly submitted a committee details form. This means you will need to check this email address regularly (you may wish to choose one committee member who is responsible for this, and sharing information across the team) in order to stay up to date with any updates relating to student group activity. You may even wish to set up some automatic redirects to or from this email address into any others you may use as individuals, or as a committee.
    • Please ensure that you are still using the Jotform for events applications, we will aim to open the new process on the dashboard as soon as we can. In the meantime, you are still able to advertise your events on the website. In order to do this, when filling in an events form, just be sure to tick the box that says ‘yes, I want it advertising on the app’.  
    • As we are sure many of you are aware, the Students’ Union has recently undergone a restructure, and we are pleased to introduce the new team: Student Communities. We are all looking forward to working with you all in future.

  • Friday 9


    Our first update from the UoNSU Digital development team after launch

    Like any new website or IT system there’ve been a few teething issues that you may have experienced in the first few weeks since we launched back on 7 September. We appreciate your patience and support during this time and hope the following will give you all the information you need to succeed during your time at UoNSU.

    Accessing the website

    If you’re experiencing an error message ‘Disallowed key characters’, then please take the simple step of clearing your cookie cache. This is a one-time issue and shouldn’t happen again.

    Email communications to group members

    You should now have received a message (which will be visible as a banner at the top of your Member Dashboard) with the details for your new society @uonsu email address. The first person to login will need to change the password, so make sure you share this information with the rest of your committee.

    Email communications to group committee members

    From this point on, most emails relating to group activity will be sent to your group @uonsu email address. This means that you will no longer receive important bulk emails (such as information on funding opportunities, Societies Council, covid guidelines, and more) from the Student Groups team to your individual student email address. This will ensure that our communications are more equitable as all groups will receive all communications, regardless of whether you have correctly submitted a committee details form.

    Student group pages

    We’ve been very busy the last few weeks working with the activities team and activities officer, Denis. Ensuring you have the right access and permissions to run your groups effectively. If you can’t access the Dashboard, please ensure you have purchased your group membership, as without this you will not be listed as Committee. Whilst you’re updating your Group Description pages, we are busy in the background requesting new SUMS functionality to help you create more vibrant activity pages than ever before. This may take a few months to develop, but it will be worth it. Watch this space!

    Expenses and X365

    By now, Treasurers should have access to view your statements and make expenses claims, and we are working through adding Presidents too. If not? Make sure that you have a valid membership with your club or society, that you are confirmed as a committee member. If your University email address has changed, try re-registering with x365 with your new email.

    Associate members access

    Associate membership is currently under development. This is not just a University of Nottingham Student’s Union request, but that of several other unions nationwide. This is one of the more complex things that needs to be developed and we will keep you updated over the coming weeks.

    Interest lists

    We hope you are using this function to its fullest. But be aware that there is a 30-day expiry from the day a student registers their interest.


    Memberships will now be active for one full year from date of purchase, rather than expiring in September.

    Booking fees

    There was an issue with over-charging of booking fees. This issue has now been resolved and refunds for charges over 45p are being processed. We are also aware that booking fees are being charged on free memberships, which we are working on getting resolved as soon as possible. If you can, please hold off from ‘purchasing’ these until we have the issue fixed.


    Please ensure that you are still using the Jotform for events applications, we will aim to open the new process on the dashboard as soon as we can. In the meantime, you are still able to advertise your events on the website. In order to do this, when filling in an events form, just be sure to tick the box that says ‘yes, I want it advertising on the app’.

    Elections and constitution changes

    This function has recently become available, so please bear with us whilst the Student Groups team become familiar with it. You will receive communications to your group @uonsu email address on how to submit elections and constitution changes when it is ready.

    Don’t forget that all training documents for the website can be found here: https://bit.ly/379OfkE

    If you need to contact a team member/have a query please use the following contact details:

    For General Enquiries: socsportadmin@nottingham.ac.uk

    For Website: suonlineservices@nottingham.ac.uk

    For Finance: sufinance@nottingham.ac.uk

    For Volunteering: socssportadmin@nottingham.ac.uk

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