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Contempo is Mussoc's contemporary music group.  Members have the opportunity to play an array of extraordinary modern works, many of which are rarely performed.  Contempo is un-auditioned and the concerts are made up of varied ensembles, assembled specifically for the works being performed.

Contempo is entirely shaped by those who get involved and as there is so much music in this genre we are always open to suggestions for repertoire. Whether its a work you are desperate to perform or have simply heard and can recommend we would love to have your input! The ensemble also offers composers (of any experience) the chance to have their works premiered in concert, providing members with the exciting opportunity to learn entirely new music and take part in the cutting edge of music at the University of Nottingham.

The highlights of our recent repertoire include...

Knowles - Make a Salad

Ives - The Unanswered Question

Reich - Music for Pieces of Wood.

As a project-based group, rehearsals tend to be concentrated in the run up to a concert; as such there is no weekly rehearsal time. 





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